4Seasons Pickups Superjam

Notes: A video I did with Joop Wolters, Eric Maldonado, Milan Polak and Rick Graham for Bob Gabriel, the owner of 4Seasons Pickups.

Jamming Over the Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014 track.

Notes: A few friends of mine who were hosting this contest asked if I could do a jam over it; so I did!

Ripping on the Zephyr

Notes: A little jam on the signature guitar using the Roland EBand.

Playing through Adie's Song.

Notes: Getting comfortable playing Adie's Song off my new solo album Jabbewhacky. Still a little stiff but was getting there.

Performing Last Ditch Effort While Preparing for a Guitar Clinic

Notes: This footage was taken the day before the actual clinic that I did at Ledgewood Music. It was the first clinic I did after the release of Midnight Drive.

Jamming on the Paul Getting Ready to Make an Audition Video

Notes: Just a casual video of me rehearsing for an audition video. Don't ask me why I was wearing the cowboy hat. I still can't answer that one.

Jamming on the Ibanez Seven String

Notes: Don't ever make a video after you just wake up in the morning and post it on the Internet. This video went viral and got many many hits. It is a shame the quality isn't a bit better.

Guitar Solo at Sweeney's in Philadelphia PA

Notes: I was playing in a band called Taz at the time and usually did an unaccompanied guitar solo. This was one that just happened to make it to video. I always like this one. I thought it had some passion and fire.